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Inspirational - Recommended

Full Color Life - Margery Walshaw

This book is so inspirational - perfect for anyone who needs a boost channeling their creativity or that gentle push in the right direction to pursue their life goals. The content is well written and easy to follow. Definitely recommended!

Kelly Wilson's The Art of Seduction - My Review

Kelly Wilson's The Art of Seduction - Kelly   Wilson

Another great book from Kelly Wilson! I love her spin on real issues - especially when she has me laughing so hard my sides hurt. If you are a parent of young or teen kids you'll appreciate Wilson's tips on squeezing in those few moments of intimacy and how to send "subtle" hints to your partner when you're "in the mood."

I absolutely recommend picking up a paperback copy (and hey, you can read it right away on your Kindle if you can't wait for delivery. You get both for price of one - can't beat that! pun intended? lol)

This would also be a fun gift to any friends who maybe parents-to-be or are getting married. This is WAY better than that gravy boat they registered for. ;-)


Blood and Spirits - Dennis Sharpe
  • ASIN: B004XJ500Y
    • ISBN-10: 1533598762
    • ISBN-13: 978-1533598769